There was so much about this course that helped me realize weight loss is about how I perceive myself and how I value myself as a person.  It is far more than calorie counting.  In fact it isn’t calorie counting at all.  It’s about self compassion, thought tracking & recognizing limiting beliefs.  It’s about no rules regarding food; no guilt around food.  It’s realizing my perfectionism is part of my reason for giving up and failing again.  It’s about forming tiny new healthy habits.  And it’s about having fun with food.   It takes away the necessity for external controls that only work when they are in place.   It’s about being mindful.    This is all about me and it’s all about being kind to myself.

– Sue

“I truly enjoyed the Kind Circle program. Each week I was pleasantly surprised with a new perspective on food or exercise, mindfulness and breath. I can’t believe that for 35+ year I have been hating and shaming myself into trying to lose weight. When we first met I told (Dr. Sample) I felt like I had given up on myself. Thank you for providing me with tools and a new way of seeing things so that I can work towards feeling that I am worth it and I am wonderful, just the way I am.  This was life changing and applicable in so many areas of my life.

– Charity

When I started the course, I had high hopes that I would finish with more concrete ideas about how to become healthier without subscribing to the damaging diet culture. I came away with so much more.  Dr. Sample helped me see the pieces of my past that led me to where I am now. And even better, she offered suggestions, strategies and her unending kindness and compassion to heal myself, both physically and emotionally. The experience I had with Dr. Sample was what I hoped I could experience with a variety of therapists through my life. I came away with a deeper love and appreciation for my body and myself. Kind Circle truly changed my life.

– R

“This was the most effective and holistic weight loss program I’ve ever done in certain ways. The weight loss felt healthy, gradual, and sustainable. I’ve already seen results with my health, too, and this even had a positive impact on my family. The discussion of habits/habit tracking had a trickle-down effect on other family members and many of the lessons will stick with me for life.”

– MM

Dr. Kate Sample of Kind Circle in Madison, WI building
Dr. Kate Sample, MD, ACOG, ABOM

Kate Sample, MD, fACOG

Dr. Kate Sample is a Board Certified OB/Gyn physician. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency and has been practicing medicine since 2006.  She co-founded Madison Women’s Health, LLP where she worked for ten years before creating Kind Circle. Dr. Sample lives in Madison with her husband, two sons, and two crazy pups.  She is Executive Director of the Board for “Share the Health,” a free clinic for uninsured women needing Gynecology care.  She is determined to address health not just on an individual basis, but by working to decrease the many significant disparities in health within our society.