Kind Circle Course

  • Are you ready to create lasting change but feel you need consistent support?
  • Has your doctor recommended changes for you to improve your health that you have found difficult to implement?
  • Are you frustrated with strict food rules, punishing exercise or negative self-talk? This course is designed to jumpstart positive changes in your life!

 In this course we will focus on the main determinants of health:

– Mindfulness and stress management

– Sufficient, quality sleep

– Movement

– Eating with intention

– Defining your purpose

– Finding your community

Pricing for 8 Week Kind Circle Course:

$2200 for 8 week course, including:

  • Free Discovery Call
  • Initial 90 minute visit covering medical history, goals, obstacles, vision
  • 7 additional weekly visits, 50 minutes
  • Direct messaging with Dr. Sample with response within 24 hours during your course

Your Free Discovery Call can be scheduled by emailing Dr. Sample @

We are not able to accept insurance plans.