Individual Sessions

During an Individual Session, you will meet one-one-one with Dr. Sample via Telehealth for personalized care. These sessions are intended for patients who have completed the 8 week course and want to check-in or address an ongoing concern. Over the course your sessions, we will identify existing thought patterns, challenge their validity and develop new patterns in-line with your goals.  These sessions can be done following completion of the 8 week Kind Circle Course.

Pricing for Individual Sessions:

$175/50 minute session with messaging between visits with Dr. Sample. Visits can be scheduled by emailing Dr. Sample at

We are not able to accept insurance plans.

What to Expect

So often, making changes in your life feels born of desperation. Our sessions are the opposite. Our goal is to help you calmly identify and address unhelpful thoughts and patterns. We are not here to judge you, but to support you. As we progress through our sessions, you’ll discover that behavioral change gets easier over time.

Much of your session will involve talking with Dr. Sample. You may be asked to keep a journal in between sessions.  Sessions are 50 minutes and will be done over Telehealth.

Visits can be scheduled by emailing Dr. Sample at