About Kind Circle


There are so many confusing messages in our world (& especially on social media!) about health, mindfulness, food, and activity.  Because it is so often overwhelming, there is often a sense of relief when you find a specific plan, in which someone tells you what to do.  Because of our diet culture, these plans are often food related – the Whole30! Keto! Low Carb! Kind Circle does not prescribe a certain diet, but helps you learn what helps you and your body feel your best.


 What would it feel like to look within yourself to seek health and to heal your relationship with your body?

Are you frustrated with the amount of time and energy you devote to trying to create change in your life? Have the added stresses of the Covid pandemic made positive change even more difficult?

Our bodies our survival driven.  This is how we evolved to the present day!  However, lots of the qualities that protected us in the past are now harming us.  For example, the hormones of hunger and satiety (feeling full) benefitted us in times of a limited food supply, but no longer benefit us when foods – especially “fast” foods – are extremely calorie dense and all around us, regardless of the season.

Similarly, our minds have evolved to keep us alive – not necessarily joyful or attentive!  Our attention works most of the time on autopilot.  Our mind wanders, judges, worries and reacts often below the level of our attention.  Mindfulness helps bring our awareness to our default patterns of thinking – and to allow us space and time to create intentional and beneficial new patterns, allowing for genuine self-acceptance and happiness.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for weight loss infographic

“When I engage in healing it means that I believe I can be better than I have ever been. To show up for transformation means that I believe there is a part of me – perhaps it’s just a mustard seed – that believes that greater is possible for me than what my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard. “

– Dr. Thema Bryant

The Kind Circle Story

During her 20 years as a physician, Dr. Kate Sample worked with thousands of patients in a busy OB/Gyn practice.  So often, in the current medical system, time is spent on treating symptoms or the most immediate health concern.  While this is important and necessary, it often does not leave time or space to discuss emotional well-being and healthy behaviors which can alter the course of our lives for the better. Dr. Sample was inspired by her time in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, one of the five “Blue Zones” identified by Dan Buettner and originally published in National Geographic.  Dr. Sample wanted to bring the qualities of life that allowed people to live longer, energetic, and purpose-filled lives to everyone.

Dr. Sample founded Kind Circle, a medical counseling and coaching practice based on lifestyle interventions as the foundation of healthcare.  The most important ways to improve your health are sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, activity, community, and living with purpose.  These are values in keeping with those in the “Blue Zones”, in which people are more likely to live not just longer, but better.  Her practice is dedicated to helping people live their healthiest lives. She believes in the power of compassion, kindness and education as tools for change.

Dr. Kate Sample of Kind Circle in Madison, WI building
Dr. Kate Sample, MD, ACOG, ABOM

Kate Sample, MD, fACOG

Dr. Kate Sample is a Board Certified OB/Gyn physician. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency and has been practicing medicine since 2006.  She co-founded Madison Women’s Health, LLP where she worked for ten years before creating Kind Circle. Dr. Sample lives in Madison with her husband, two sons, and two crazy pups.  She is Executive Director of the Board for “Share the Health,” a free clinic for uninsured women needing Gynecology care.  She is determined to address health not just on an individual basis, but by working to decrease the many significant disparities in health within our society.